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April 2011 archive

Royally Annoyed

So, I really had no interest in watching the royal wedding, but super happy for the newlyweds. I am very sad about the horrible weather and tragedies that occurred this week in the South. I don’t like Dancing With the Stars, but find it adorable that my grandparents do, and I watch bits of American Idol each week, but I don’t live and die by it. Me in a nutshell.

Reading comments today on facebook, I really am blown away by some of the comments. An example, “I don’t care about what happens in another country.” And, “That is what is wrong with Americans, they care more about weddings and reality shows than they do about what happens here.” Umm, did someone actually write, post or say, “I don’t care about tornadoes and destruction. I care only about Casey Abrams going home and William and Kate getting hitched.” If one of my friends had actually posted a comment such as that, I would question their sanity. But, I am pretty sure no one did.

I am always amazed when these “angry facebookers” blast news shows about their coverage of said events… the way everyone-even the news channels have paid advertisers. If they only reported on one topic or chose not to report on AI, the wedding, etc. a large group of people would not watch their channels. Then, advertisers would not buy ad time and those channels would not exist. EVEN FOX NEWS!!

So, maybe what is really wrong with America is that we don’t care about what happens in other countries unless it is bad and it directly effects us. Some might see this as self involved on a personal level. Perhaps the fact that some of these above mentioned folks see something as family friendly and hope building as American Idol as stupid (you don’t have to like or watch it, but to use the word hate and disgusting to describe a talent show seems CRAZY to me-nobody ever blasted ED McMahon on Star Search), speaks to another thing that might be wrong with America. We have evolved to be a condescending, critical, non accepting and non forgiving society.

I care about what happens in other countries. Good news and bad news could impact my life as a human on this planet. I am disappointed that Casey Abrams went home, but as in all contests, there can only be one winner. Casey will probably make a better album without the shackles of AI on him. He is a great musician with a great future. My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the tornadoes this week. I hope that our government has enough money to help them.

Redneck Easter Weekend Here We Come!

We’re packing up the family truckster (i.e., 2011 VW Jetta) for a weekend of fun & sun on the Alabama gulf coast tomorrow. We’re headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama which is located smack dab in the middle of the Redneck Riviera (Urban Dictionary).

Our days will be spent on the beach, our evenings eating fresh seafood, and our nights sleeping at the Island Retreat RV Park (Gulf Shores’ newest!) in Alice’s mom and dad’s hotel on wheels (aka, the RV).

I’ll be honest. Coming from Miami, I had a built-in disdain for the Redneck Riviera. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Destin, FL was a couple summers ago, and even more surprised at how nice the 30-A area of Florida was, despite last summer’s oil spill. I’ve been warned that Gulf Shores is a lot more rednecked up, but I’m still psyched to have a few days w/ Alice and Chance for a little redneck adventure.

For Easter dinner, we’re planning on going to The Flora-Bama, a┬áhonkytonk bar type place that I’ve heard is a site to be seen. Amen.

Travel Plans In The Works

We’re set to do some travelling over the next few months and we’re all excited about it!

Easter Weekend – Gulf Shores, Alabama

Bob & Susan have their motorhome parked in Gulf Shores, AL and we’re headed down in a few weeks for Easter weekend to red-neck it up for a long weekend. Chance spent the majority of his spring break down there so I’m glad we’ll have a little insider info as we navigate the t-shirt shops, miniature golf courses, and salt-water taffy stands.

My only goal for the trip is to pick up one of those mullet/trucker hats

July 4th Weekend – Highlands, North Carolina

Alice, Chance and I will be packing up the Jetta and tooling on over to visit with my family at their home in Highlands, NC. We all like Highlands plenty and the really cool part about this trip is that my sister Laura, Aunt B & Uncle J, as well as Andrea, Matt + the morsels will all be there too!

Chance Becomes Arnold For School Project


Chance got to participate in a really fun learning experience w/ his 3rd Grade class this week. The assignment was to research and ‘become’ a famous American for portrayal in a virtual wax museum. After some back and forth, Chance ended up choosing Arnold Schwarzenegger, who upon looking closely at his life, is truly a remarkable man and quite the embodiment of the ‘American Dream.’ From humble beginnings, he’s managed to govern one of the world’s most important and influential regions, California.

Video below: