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May 2011 archive

We’re getting a pool!

Alice and I are getting a pool. We opted for the smaller 15ft. above ground model. Hope to have it installed and swim ready for al’s bday the weekend of Jun 10th. It’s our first big purchase since we moved on almost a year ago!

Dang Sand Burs In My Yard (And My Wife’s, Son’s and Dog’s Feet)!

I’ve been a homeowner with my lovely wife Alice for almost a year now. Consequently, I’m new to the whole lawn maintenance thing. In fact, I never mowed a lawn in my life until a couple years ago.

When we moved in our backyard was real patchy. A long hot summer left more than a couple dry spots I attempted to help along with somewhat regular watering. The same held true in the front yard.

As fall approached, I planted a crop of Rye Grass in the front. I loved it. Had a lush, green lawn all winter. In the backyard, I applied a winterizer product as was recommended.

As the temps started to rise, I applied a ‘Weed & Feed’ product across the front yard and the back. The front is growing like some sort of genetic experiment gone wrong. I have a pretty dense undergrowth with towering blades every week. The backyard is where things have taken a turn for the worse.

My backyard has been taken over by Sand Burs – prickily, sticky, foot piercing little incarnations of Lucifer himself. They started out like moss really. A dense, spongy mass of growth I thought was maybe just a precursor to some variety of grass I’d not seen before. Now they’ve grown to the point where Maggie our dog is unfortunately severely limited in where she can play and poop. Kids running in the backyard sans shoes is impossible and the Wife is on my case…

Most online sources say I have to kill them before they pop up. I say otherwise.

Operation Sand Tiger will begin this weekend. I will hold back nothing in my bid for yard dominance. I will enlist the aid of mechanical and chemical weapons and will use fire if I have to.

Progress to come.

Fat Tuesday’s Jackson, MS – Review


Alice & I went on a date last Saturday night. We originally hoped to go to Fratesi’s for family style Italian, but the wait was out of control so we opted instead for a new (to us) restaurant down the street called Fat Tuesday’s.

Fat Tuesday’s is a longtime establishment in the Jackson, MS area offering typical New Orleans fare. The decor is a little kitschy side, although that can be expected in a theme restaurant. There’s only so many feathered masks I can take. The ambiance is warm however, with lots of photos of the Crecent City and its famous sons and daughters.

We started off with the Fried Crab Claws appetizer. Alice enjoyed these a lot. I’m not a crab claw guy, so I wont comment other than they were meatier than most I’ve tried which I assume is a good thing!

I had the Crawfish Po’Boy, and Alice had the Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich. The bread was excellent – seems as though they may get deliveries from New Orleans. The sandwich was dressed with some simple Mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. A couple shots of Tabasco  helped get my taste buds in the right Po’Boy zone. Alice enjoyed her open faced sloppiness of a sandwich.

We finished the meal with an order of Bread Pudding that was tasty as well.

Overall the service, food, and promptness were good. Our only critisism was that we could hear the waitress fire up the Microwave to nuke our bread pudding which seemed a little on the dinner side for this restaurant.

I met the owner when I payed the bill. He seemed to be a genuinely nice man and I told him we’d be back w/ the rest of the family.

Overall, I’d recommend Fat Tuesdays for a quick, tasty, well-priced meal with family or friends.