Rob & Alice

October 2012 archive

Team Express Takes Part in Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk

The whole family came out to support Alice in her fight against breast cancer. It was a chilly October morning but everyone made it. Alice and Bob held camp at the start/finish line for us. Thanks go out my brother in law Tim Dillard who organized the team and to everyone that participated. It felt so good to be part of something bigger than our problems today.


Today we had follow up appointments with both the oncology surgeon(Dr. Haick) and the plastic surgeon (Dr. Barazza).  Everything went as we had thought that it would.  I still have 4 drains in because I have so much swelling, they didn’t think it wise to pull any of them yet (I’m good with this b/c if I had more fluid, I would pop).  Dr. H referred me to the medical oncologist, Dr. Young, and we will see her for the first time next Friday.  Chemo is still recommended at this point, BUT since I am a Stage 1 and it had not spread at all, I am a candidate for the genetic testing that would determine the probability of the cancer returning.  Even having both breasts removed, this cancer is the same as seen in ovarian cancer so that is what my risk would be. They removed all dressings and we got a real look at everything today. I have one area that we have to watch really closely.  It is essentially just bruised, but there is concern that the skin/tissue might blister and “die”.  We will go back to see Dr. B on Monday about this.

For about 1/2 a second today, I was really sad and then I was okay because I looked up and saw my husband smiling reassuringly at me.  I wish that words could express how I feel about Rob.  He is kind and loving.  He is patient and accepting.  He makes me laugh when that is exactly what I need to do.  I never doubt how much he loves me and no matter what I look like, he always tells me that I am beautiful. I will never be able to show how grateful I am for him.  With him by my side, I know that WE will beat cancer!


Update from the Hospital

Alice is doing 1000% better than she was last night. Her pain is being managed and has now taken three trips to the potty. She’s in PJ bottoms and tucked in her bed under her favorite quilt. She’s eating solid food and were planning on taking a walk down the hall in the next hour or so.

Alice is in her room

She finally made it out of surgery. She is cranky and demanding and drifting in and out of sleep. She is in a lot of discomfort and on lots of meds.

Her surgeon came to check on her and reiterated the good news concerning her lymph nodes and the margins around her tumor were good. This means that the tumor was isolated and that there is a good possibility she is now cancer free!

Preliminary News Great

Dr. Haick just came by and had some awesome initial news. Alice had two lymph nodes removed and they are cancer free. There is a very good chance that her cancer has been cured.

The reconstruction is under way and she has a couple more hours to go.

I was praying for this.