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Miracles Do Happen

A couple of weeks ago, when I updated I shared that we were waiting on two tests to give us the definite NO that we want regarding chemo.

Today, we went to see the surgeon and they had the results for the oncotype DX test (this measures the probability of the cancer returning and gives a road map to treatment if needed). I am in the LOW PROBABILITY category!!! We are waiting on one more test, but we (and ALL the doctors) believe that it too will be negative-those results we will get next Friday. My surgeon said today EXACTLY what my oncologist said, that the fact that this was discovered when it was is a miracle.

I have never “expected” miracles. I have always believed that you have to work for them. You have to be kind to others for them to be kind to you (there is no time limit on when THEY have to start-fyi), you have to give to learn how to receive, you have to be a friend to have a friend, you MUST be understanding to be understood!!

Through the last forty five days, I have still not expected miracles! I have taken each day as it has come. I have asked God to take what I could not handle. When He provided relief and I was still left with some burden, I knew that He was telling me that I could handle whatever He had left for me. I have NEVER once thought that God was punishing me. I have thanked Him regularly for the love and support that my family, my friends and even strangers have given me. WE-you and I-have worked for these miracles that are occurring!!

Each time you have posted kind words, sent letters in the mail, baked or cooked something, offered yourself and your time, prayed for me (to whatever Higher Power you believe in), you have been a part of the work!! I will never be able to express the love and gratitude I have for everyone that has reached out. When I haven’t been able to sleep, albeit from pain, anxiety, worry or the need for quiet meditation-I have gotten up and looked at what you all have written and thanked God that I am NOT alone in my fight!

So, the rest of the results next Friday, the plan is still to take the hormonal chemo pill for five years, still more surgeries to come AND please don’t quit working for my miracles or YOURS!!!!

Update from the Hospital

Alice is doing 1000% better than she was last night. Her pain is being managed and has now taken three trips to the potty. She’s in PJ bottoms and tucked in her bed under her favorite quilt. She’s eating solid food and were planning on taking a walk down the hall in the next hour or so.

Alice is in her room

She finally made it out of surgery. She is cranky and demanding and drifting in and out of sleep. She is in a lot of discomfort and on lots of meds.

Her surgeon came to check on her and reiterated the good news concerning her lymph nodes and the margins around her tumor were good. This means that the tumor was isolated and that there is a good possibility she is now cancer free!

Preliminary News Great

Dr. Haick just came by and had some awesome initial news. Alice had two lymph nodes removed and they are cancer free. There is a very good chance that her cancer has been cured.

The reconstruction is under way and she has a couple more hours to go.

I was praying for this.

Dang Sand Burs In My Yard (And My Wife’s, Son’s and Dog’s Feet)!

I’ve been a homeowner with my lovely wife Alice for almost a year now. Consequently, I’m new to the whole lawn maintenance thing. In fact, I never mowed a lawn in my life until a couple years ago.

When we moved in our backyard was real patchy. A long hot summer left more than a couple dry spots I attempted to help along with somewhat regular watering. The same held true in the front yard.

As fall approached, I planted a crop of Rye Grass in the front. I loved it. Had a lush, green lawn all winter. In the backyard, I applied a winterizer product as was recommended.

As the temps started to rise, I applied a ‘Weed & Feed’ product across the front yard and the back. The front is growing like some sort of genetic experiment gone wrong. I have a pretty dense undergrowth with towering blades every week. The backyard is where things have taken a turn for the worse.

My backyard has been taken over by Sand Burs – prickily, sticky, foot piercing little incarnations of Lucifer himself. They started out like moss really. A dense, spongy mass of growth I thought was maybe just a precursor to some variety of grass I’d not seen before. Now they’ve grown to the point where Maggie our dog is unfortunately severely limited in where she can play and poop. Kids running in the backyard sans shoes is impossible and the Wife is on my case…

Most online sources say I have to kill them before they pop up. I say otherwise.

Operation Sand Tiger will begin this weekend. I will hold back nothing in my bid for yard dominance. I will enlist the aid of mechanical and chemical weapons and will use fire if I have to.

Progress to come.

Royally Annoyed

So, I really had no interest in watching the royal wedding, but super happy for the newlyweds. I am very sad about the horrible weather and tragedies that occurred this week in the South. I don’t like Dancing With the Stars, but find it adorable that my grandparents do, and I watch bits of American Idol each week, but I don’t live and die by it. Me in a nutshell.

Reading comments today on facebook, I really am blown away by some of the comments. An example, “I don’t care about what happens in another country.” And, “That is what is wrong with Americans, they care more about weddings and reality shows than they do about what happens here.” Umm, did someone actually write, post or say, “I don’t care about tornadoes and destruction. I care only about Casey Abrams going home and William and Kate getting hitched.” If one of my friends had actually posted a comment such as that, I would question their sanity. But, I am pretty sure no one did.

I am always amazed when these “angry facebookers” blast news shows about their coverage of said events… the way everyone-even the news channels have paid advertisers. If they only reported on one topic or chose not to report on AI, the wedding, etc. a large group of people would not watch their channels. Then, advertisers would not buy ad time and those channels would not exist. EVEN FOX NEWS!!

So, maybe what is really wrong with America is that we don’t care about what happens in other countries unless it is bad and it directly effects us. Some might see this as self involved on a personal level. Perhaps the fact that some of these above mentioned folks see something as family friendly and hope building as American Idol as stupid (you don’t have to like or watch it, but to use the word hate and disgusting to describe a talent show seems CRAZY to me-nobody ever blasted ED McMahon on Star Search), speaks to another thing that might be wrong with America. We have evolved to be a condescending, critical, non accepting and non forgiving society.

I care about what happens in other countries. Good news and bad news could impact my life as a human on this planet. I am disappointed that Casey Abrams went home, but as in all contests, there can only be one winner. Casey will probably make a better album without the shackles of AI on him. He is a great musician with a great future. My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the tornadoes this week. I hope that our government has enough money to help them.

WTF The Nest?

I signed up for one of the most suggested wedding websites last year as I planned for our big day.  I actually found most of those sites somewhat annoying, but there were a few that actually had some good suggestions, great links and interesting articles.  Needless to say, I was prodded by some of my recently married friends to sign up for The Nest.  So, I got an account.

I was disturbed this week when I got my newsletter/email from them that was titled, “Tops Signs You Spouse Is Lying.”  WTF?  First, you wanted me to pick the most amazing dress that would flatter any figure.  Then, you wanted me to pick bridesmaids dresses that would make my friend’s look hot, but me hotter. Next, I got to scroll though picture gardens for the perfect wedding flowers. And now, you want me to dissect my husband and prove that the whole thing was a sham that I married a liar. After reading the article, I have come to the conclusion that the writers must have consulted with the ever accurate psychology experts from CSI:Weddings.

See below:

1.  Covering the mouth while talking.  Umm…is he chewing food, does he have bad breath, yawning perhaps?  Regardless of the reason, not sure that this would tip me off that my spouse has just lied to me. Or, that it should. Maybe I am naive.

2.  Touching the nose.  It mentions in this “tell-tale” sign that allergies are not a good excuse.  Have you lived in Mississippi?  We have a pollen count of 1,000 on ice days!  And, does picking your nose count?  Rob is screwed if it does.

3.  Rubbing an eye.  Last night while Rob and I were getting ready for bed, I saw him wipe his eye.  He then looked away and closed his eyes.  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT….HE LIED WHEN HE SAID GOOD NIGHT!

4.  Rub of the ear.  I got nothing for this.  Oh wait, just stupid.

5.  Going for the neck.  Often, Rob rubs his neck. It is usually at the end of the day, when he is tired.  Then, he goes in and sits in the Sharper Image massage chair and relaxes.  Or, maybe he is really sitting in there plotting his next scheme.

6.  Shaking the head no while saying yes.  Rob can’t do that.  Nor can he pat his head and rub his tummy.  Just saying.

So, this everything you need to know about getting married website has now become the everything you need to know about getting divorced website.  This article has gone out to tons of blushing brides that are now freaking out every time their husbands touch an ear, eye or neck.  Don’t scratch your balls either men, who knows what that means.  When the poor guys shake their heads, these young woman are writing it down. BEWARE!!  Don’t cover your mouth. NO MATTER WHAT!!

Why is the divorce rate so high in America?  Read the article.  Congratulations, The Nest.