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Gratitude for Rob Rubinoff

So, I am officially going back to work on Thursday. I have missed those 100+ woman like crazy and a few of the guys :)

Today, I feel the need to share about my husband, Rob Rubinoff. We’ve been together for a little over five years. We have been married now for a little over two years. When Rob and I met, to say we were both down on our luck was a vast understatement. Neither one of us were even close to being where we wanted to be in life and neither of us “wanted” a relationship. I was a single mom with most of attention focused on raising my sweet little boy. Rob was struggling to try to get back in to the career world and our first few dates were to places like Sonic.

Over time things began to look better, but our relationship wasn’t much more than a weekly “date night” that consisted of cooking dinner that we had split the cost of the groceries and watching Cops. We learned how to laugh with each other. Rob started coming to Chance’s soccer games and baseball games and buying little projects that they could accomplish together. (Truth be told Chance lost interest in them and Rob would get his hands glued together.) We upped the ante and would have our one date night a week along with some “group” dates that included the three of us.

Over the first two years, Rob became my best friend. He began to excel in his career, he volunteered to help coach a soccer team, he started taking me to nice places on date night (although a good home made chicken salad and Cops was just find with me). We married and were living the dream: house, cars, pool, boats, vacations, etc. until 2 months ago.

Tragedy-illness- can change things. And, we are no exception. Since my first doctor appointment, my husband has become a man that trumps all others that I know. He has been a rock. He has made me feel beautiful and confident. He has brought me more flowers in 2 months than he had in the previous 5 years. He suggested that we pray together as a family, he has cooked and cleaned and helped with Chance’s homework and he went overboard hanging Christmas lights and never once said it was a waste of money. He has comforted me, cried with me, rubbed my back, done my dressing changes and supported my decisions even when he had ideas of his own. He reassured me that WE would get through this and because of that,

I have never felt alone. When I get mad, he is the voice of reason. When I get sad, he is the calming hand. When I am tired he carries my load. When a check needed to be written, he wrote it. When medication was needed, he got it. I am so grateful that I married my best friend. I have a partner in life that knows how to step up and be a husband.

For richer or poorer, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, knowing that Rob is by my side makes me the happiest woman in the world. I love you Rob. You make me want to be a better person. Thank you for marrying me and adopting Chance. I would be lost without you.

Gratitude for Chance

I haven’t been doing the daily thankful thing this month, but today I have to say that I am grateful for my son. Not only has he shown an insane amount of strength and maturity over the last six weeks, he has this amazing ability to make me laugh from deep inside. He has the most amazing sense of humor and knows the value and the healing power of laughter.

Team Express Takes Part in Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk

The whole family came out to support Alice in her fight against breast cancer. It was a chilly October morning but everyone made it. Alice and Bob held camp at the start/finish line for us. Thanks go out my brother in law Tim Dillard who organized the team and to everyone that participated. It felt so good to be part of something bigger than our problems today.

Alice is in surgery – all going well

I spent the morning with Alice in the pre-op area. She is in good spirits and had the fellow nurses laughing along with her. I got a call from the surgical nurse that she’s out and they’re gearing up to begin the lymph node biopsy and dbl mastectomy.

We’re holding down the fort amongst the other families in the surgical waiting room. I teared up when saying goodbye. I’m praying for all the doctors and nurses for them to do their best with my Al.

Surgery Today

Alice and I are at the hospital. She’s been taken down for them to perform a lymph node biopsy. She is in good spirits. The double mastectomy and, hopefully, the preliminary breast reconstruction will begin around 9:30 this am. Hoping and praying for the best.

Water Pipes, Vaginas & Boobs

The following is my account of the past few weeks in which we’ve learned that Alice has breast cancer and the process we’ve gone through towards her surgery this coming Friday, October 5, 2012.

We had spent the weekend dealing with the stress of having a water main problem. Our concerns were financial in nature – how were we going to come up with the money to pay the plumbers to dig a trench in our front yard to replace a leaking pipe that had turned our front yard into the Atchafalaya basin. Our concerns were cosmetic. What are the neighbors thinking? What is our yard going to look like?

While I waited at home for the plumbers to arrive, Alice went to go see her OB/GYN to have some tests done concerning frequent periods. Alice went to the appointment and during a routine breast exam, the Dr. felt a lump in her left breast.

That afternoon Alice and I seemed most concerned with what had become of our front yard. It looked like Mogadishu –  deep ruts from the back-hoe crisscrossed, there was a six foot high pile of dislodged shrubbery, and there was a blanket of mud across much of the yard.

We spoke about the various procedures the Dr. had recommended one of which would most likely mean that she wouldn’t be able to conceive any more children. I know Alice mentioned the lump, but it seemed secondary to me – something that needed to be checked on but nothing too serious. After all, she’s only 37, I’ve never heard of her mention any cancer in her family and I really just thought that this was going to be some sort of cyst or growth or something.

Alice was beginning to experience some anxiety and grief that next Wednesday. She couldn’t immediately go in for the mammography, so she planned to have it done first thing Thursday morning. The night before the mammography I know she was a little spooked and emotional. We spoke about the possibility of her loosing her ability to have children. Even though we weren’t planning to have children, I know this was sad for her. Alice intimated that she was worried about the breast exam / mammography as well but still from my perspective, her vagina was the main issue, not her boobs.


We’re getting a pool!

Alice and I are getting a pool. We opted for the smaller 15ft. above ground model. Hope to have it installed and swim ready for al’s bday the weekend of Jun 10th. It’s our first big purchase since we moved on almost a year ago!

Dang Sand Burs In My Yard (And My Wife’s, Son’s and Dog’s Feet)!

I’ve been a homeowner with my lovely wife Alice for almost a year now. Consequently, I’m new to the whole lawn maintenance thing. In fact, I never mowed a lawn in my life until a couple years ago.

When we moved in our backyard was real patchy. A long hot summer left more than a couple dry spots I attempted to help along with somewhat regular watering. The same held true in the front yard.

As fall approached, I planted a crop of Rye Grass in the front. I loved it. Had a lush, green lawn all winter. In the backyard, I applied a winterizer product as was recommended.

As the temps started to rise, I applied a ‘Weed & Feed’ product across the front yard and the back. The front is growing like some sort of genetic experiment gone wrong. I have a pretty dense undergrowth with towering blades every week. The backyard is where things have taken a turn for the worse.

My backyard has been taken over by Sand Burs – prickily, sticky, foot piercing little incarnations of Lucifer himself. They started out like moss really. A dense, spongy mass of growth I thought was maybe just a precursor to some variety of grass I’d not seen before. Now they’ve grown to the point where Maggie our dog is unfortunately severely limited in where she can play and poop. Kids running in the backyard sans shoes is impossible and the Wife is on my case…

Most online sources say I have to kill them before they pop up. I say otherwise.

Operation Sand Tiger will begin this weekend. I will hold back nothing in my bid for yard dominance. I will enlist the aid of mechanical and chemical weapons and will use fire if I have to.

Progress to come.

Royally Annoyed

So, I really had no interest in watching the royal wedding, but super happy for the newlyweds. I am very sad about the horrible weather and tragedies that occurred this week in the South. I don’t like Dancing With the Stars, but find it adorable that my grandparents do, and I watch bits of American Idol each week, but I don’t live and die by it. Me in a nutshell.

Reading comments today on facebook, I really am blown away by some of the comments. An example, “I don’t care about what happens in another country.” And, “That is what is wrong with Americans, they care more about weddings and reality shows than they do about what happens here.” Umm, did someone actually write, post or say, “I don’t care about tornadoes and destruction. I care only about Casey Abrams going home and William and Kate getting hitched.” If one of my friends had actually posted a comment such as that, I would question their sanity. But, I am pretty sure no one did.

I am always amazed when these “angry facebookers” blast news shows about their coverage of said events… the way everyone-even the news channels have paid advertisers. If they only reported on one topic or chose not to report on AI, the wedding, etc. a large group of people would not watch their channels. Then, advertisers would not buy ad time and those channels would not exist. EVEN FOX NEWS!!

So, maybe what is really wrong with America is that we don’t care about what happens in other countries unless it is bad and it directly effects us. Some might see this as self involved on a personal level. Perhaps the fact that some of these above mentioned folks see something as family friendly and hope building as American Idol as stupid (you don’t have to like or watch it, but to use the word hate and disgusting to describe a talent show seems CRAZY to me-nobody ever blasted ED McMahon on Star Search), speaks to another thing that might be wrong with America. We have evolved to be a condescending, critical, non accepting and non forgiving society.

I care about what happens in other countries. Good news and bad news could impact my life as a human on this planet. I am disappointed that Casey Abrams went home, but as in all contests, there can only be one winner. Casey will probably make a better album without the shackles of AI on him. He is a great musician with a great future. My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the tornadoes this week. I hope that our government has enough money to help them.