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Team Express Takes Part in Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk

The whole family came out to support Alice in her fight against breast cancer. It was a chilly October morning but everyone made it. Alice and Bob held camp at the start/finish line for us. Thanks go out my brother in law Tim Dillard who organized the team and to everyone that participated. It felt so good to be part of something bigger than our problems today.

Chance Becomes Arnold For School Project


Chance got to participate in a really fun learning experience w/ his 3rd Grade class this week. The assignment was to research and ‘become’ a famous American for portrayal in a virtual wax museum. After some back and forth, Chance ended up choosing Arnold Schwarzenegger, who upon looking closely at his life, is truly a remarkable man and quite the embodiment of the ‘American Dream.’ From humble beginnings, he’s managed to govern one of the world’s most important and influential regions, California.

Video below: