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Miracles Do Happen

A couple of weeks ago, when I updated I shared that we were waiting on two tests to give us the definite NO that we want regarding chemo.

Today, we went to see the surgeon and they had the results for the oncotype DX test (this measures the probability of the cancer returning and gives a road map to treatment if needed). I am in the LOW PROBABILITY category!!! We are waiting on one more test, but we (and ALL the doctors) believe that it too will be negative-those results we will get next Friday. My surgeon said today EXACTLY what my oncologist said, that the fact that this was discovered when it was is a miracle.

I have never “expected” miracles. I have always believed that you have to work for them. You have to be kind to others for them to be kind to you (there is no time limit on when THEY have to start-fyi), you have to give to learn how to receive, you have to be a friend to have a friend, you MUST be understanding to be understood!!

Through the last forty five days, I have still not expected miracles! I have taken each day as it has come. I have asked God to take what I could not handle. When He provided relief and I was still left with some burden, I knew that He was telling me that I could handle whatever He had left for me. I have NEVER once thought that God was punishing me. I have thanked Him regularly for the love and support that my family, my friends and even strangers have given me. WE-you and I-have worked for these miracles that are occurring!!

Each time you have posted kind words, sent letters in the mail, baked or cooked something, offered yourself and your time, prayed for me (to whatever Higher Power you believe in), you have been a part of the work!! I will never be able to express the love and gratitude I have for everyone that has reached out. When I haven’t been able to sleep, albeit from pain, anxiety, worry or the need for quiet meditation-I have gotten up and looked at what you all have written and thanked God that I am NOT alone in my fight!

So, the rest of the results next Friday, the plan is still to take the hormonal chemo pill for five years, still more surgeries to come AND please don’t quit working for my miracles or YOURS!!!!

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